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About Us

We know that you are an avid bass angler if you are reading this page.  War Eagle Custom Lures found their "niche" with avid bass anglers in the mid 1990's.  In 1996, War Eagle spinnerbaits were made in two garages in N.W. Arkansas by two serious bass fishermen, and sold locally in five tackle stores.

That year, however, would mark the start of a new direction for the company, when pro angler Mike McClelland won two back to back BASS events on a War Eagle spinnerbait.  A few months later in the Spring of 1997, pro angler Gerald Swindle won a major FLW event on a War Eagle spinnerbait.

War Eagle Lures quickly spread to other parts of our country, due to small independent retail stores that were, once again owned by avid bass anglers.  Slowly but surely, War Eagle Lures have spread from coast to coast, growing little by little each year.

War Eagle Lures has continued to grow over the years because our products are still made in AMERICA by people who fish.  We still used the highest quality components that we can buy.  Over the years, we have listened to you, the fishermen, to improve our product selection of quality lures that catch fish right out of the package.

War Eagle Lure's recent addition of pro angler Andy Morgan has expanded our offering of quality lures to our line.  Andy's attention to detail on shakey heads and finesse jigs have helped our company reach new markets.  Both of these new lures have won major FLW events in the past two years.  Once again, lures made by people who fish.

War Eagle is very fortunate to be a small company able to grow each year in these tough economic times.  We will continue to produce quality lures to hopefully make your day on the water more productive.



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