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1/8oz. Painted Dart Head Jig
1/8oz. Unpainted Dart Head Jig
BB01 White Buzzbait
BB01W White with White Blade
BB02 White Chart Buzzbait
BB03 Chart Blue Buzzbait
BB04 Hot White Chart Buzzbait
BB04G Hot White Chart with Gold Blade
BB05 Mouse Buzzbait
BB06 Blue Herring Shad Buzzbait
BB07G Black Gold with Gold Blade
BB08 Black Buzzbait
BB09 Black Chart
BB10 Black Red Buzzbait
BB10R Black Red with Red Blade
BB12 Black Purple with Purple Blade
BB13 Sexxy Shad Buzzbait
Black Cap
Black Hoodie
Black LS T-Shirt
Black SS T-Shirt
Blue Cap with Flames
Camo Cap
Carolina Kit
Chrome Clown
CU1 White/Copper
CU2 White Chart Copper
CU3 Chart Copper
CU4 Clear Copper Peach
CU5 All Copper
CU6 Black Copper
FT1 Brown
FT10 Green Pumpkin Chart
FT11 Pond Scum Perch
FT12 Okeechobee Craw
FT13 Wild Craw
FT14 Black/Blue/Purple/Chart
FT15 California 420
FT16 Black Neon
FT17 Green Pumkin Candy
FT2 Brown Purple
FT3 Brown Orange
FT4 Brown Green
FT5 Watermelon Red
FT6 Black Blue
FT7 Phantom Brown Craw
FT8 Phantom Green Craw
FT9 Peanut Butter & Jelly
G01 White/Gold
G01H White/Gold
G02 White Chart
G02R White Chart Reverse Blade Combo
G02RK White/Chart RK
G03 Chart-Blue
G04 Fire Tiger
G05 Gold Shiner
G06 Sunperch
G07 Bone Chart
G08 White Lime Chart
G09 Spot Remover
G10 Sundance
G11 Hot White Chart
G11H Hot White/Chart
G12 Hot Mouse
G13 Bleeding Shad
G14 Watermelon
G15 Crawdad
G16 Hot Blue Herring
GFIN1 White Gold
GFIN10 Sundance
GFIN11 Gold Shiner
GFIN12 Cole Slaw
GFIN13 Bleeding Shad
GFIN14 Watermelon
GFIN15 Black Chart
GFIN16 Black Red
GFIN17 Chrome Clown
GFIN18 Dante Clown
GFIN19 Black Blue Purple
GFIN2 White Chart
GFIN20 Pond Scum Perch
GFIN3 Chart Blue
GFIN4 Hot White/Chart
GFIN5 Fire Tiger
GFIN6 Hot Lime/Chart
GFIN7 Sunperch
GFIN8 White Lime Chart
GFIN9 Spot Remover Gold Frame
Gray Hoodie
Grey Long Sleeve Tee
Grey Short Sleeve T Shirt
HF1 Green Pumpkin-Orange
HF10 Ozark Crawdad
HF11 Okeechobee Craw
HF12 Wild Craw
HF13 White Shad
HF14 Black Blue Purple Chart
HF15 CA 420 Craw
HF16 Black Neon
HF17 Green Pumpkin Candy
HF18 Brown Purple Flash
HF2 Pond Scum
HF3 Brown
HF4 Phantom Brown Craw
HF5 Black
HF6 Black Blue
HF7 Peanut Butter & Jelly
HF8 Green Pumpkin Chart
HF9 Watermelon Red
J1 Black
J10 Mouse
J11 Pumpkin Green Flake
J12 Pumpkin Kamo Chart
J13 Brown Orange
J14 Brown Purple
J15 Green Pumpkin Candy
J16 Green Pumpkin Orange
J17 Phantom Brown Craw
J18 Pond Scum Perch
J2 Black Blue
J3 Black Blue Purple
J4 Black Chart
J5 Black Red
J6 Ozark Crawdad
J7 Watermelon
J8 White Silver
J9 Electric Blue
Khaki Mesh Cap
N01 White Silver
N01H White Silver
N02 Mouse
N02H Mouse
N03 Green Shad
N04 Purple Shad
N05 Blue Shad
N06 Cotton Candy
N07 Firecracker
N08 Blue Herring
N08H Blue Herring
N09 Spot Remover
N09H Spot Remover
N10 White Chart Blue
N11 Silver Shiner
N12 Smoke Red
N13 White Chart Pearl
N14 Blue Pearl Shad
N15 Smoke Purple
N16 Table Rock Shad
N17 Sexxy Alewife
N18 Aurora
N19 Sexxy Shad
N19H Sexxy Shad
N20 Shiny Shad
N21 Flash
N22 Sexxy Mouse
N23 Sexxy Purple Shad
N24 Rainbow Trout
N25 Hot White Shad
New Blue Long Sleeve War Eagle T-Shirt
New Blue Short Sleeve War Eagle T-Shirt
New White Long Sleeve War Eagle T-Shirt
New White Short Sleeve War Eagle T-Shirt
NFIN1 Shimmer Green
NFIN10 White Chart Blue
NFIN11 Silver Shiner
NFIN12 White/Silver
NFIN13 White Chart Blue
NFIN14 Blue Pearl Shad
NFIN15 Smoke Purple
NFIN16 Table Rock Shad
NFIN17 Sexxy Alewife
NFIN18 Aurora
NFIN19 Sexxy Shad
NFIN2 Shimmer Blue
NFIN20 Shiny Shad
NFIN21 Flash
NFIN22 Sexxy Mouse
NFIN23 Sexxy Purple Shad
NFIN24 Rainbow Trout
NFIN3 Mouse
NFIN4 Purple Shad
NFIN5 Speckled White/Chart
NFIN6 Cotton Candy
NFIN7 Firecracker
NFIN8 Blue Herring
NFIN9 Spot Remover
P01 Cole Slaw
P01H Cole Slaw
P02 White Chart
P03 Chart
P08 Red
P09 Black/Chart
P10 Black/Red
P11 Black/Blue
P12 Black/Purple
Red Cap with Flames
SH1 Green Pumpkin
SH2 Brown
SH3 Black
SKG01 White-Gold
SKG02 White/Chart
SKG03 Chart-Blue
SKG04 Fire Tiger
SKG05 Gold Shinner
SKG06 Sun Perch
SKG08 White/Lime/Chart
SKG10 Sundance
SKG11 Hot White Chart
SKG13 Bleeding Shad
SKG14 Watermelon
SKG17 Chrome Clown
SKG18 Dante Clown
SKG20 Pond Scum Perch
SKN01 White Silver
SKN02 Mouse
SKN04 Purple Shad
SKN06 Cotton Candy Silver
SKN07 Firecracker
SKN08 Blue Herring Shad
SKN09 Spot Remover
SKN10 White-Chart-Blue
SKN11 Silver Shiner
SKN14 Blue Pearl Shad
SKN15 Smoke Purple
SKN16 Table Rock Shad
SKN17 Alewife
SKN18 Aurora
SKN19 Sexxy Shad
SKN20 Shiny Shad
SKN21 Flash
SKN22 Sexxy Mouse
SKN23 Sexxy Purple Shad
SKN24 Rainbow Trout
SKP01 Cole Slaw
SKP09 Black/Chart
SKP10 Black-Red
SKP13 Black-Blue-Purple
SP1 Nickel
SP2 Gold
SP3 White
SP4 Ol Pinky
SP5 Natural Shad
SP6 Blue Herring
SP7 CHart
SP8 Cole Slaw
TK1 Coleslaw
TK10 Midnight
TK11 Spot Remover
TK12 Sexxy Table Rock Shad
TK13 Sexxy Mouse
TK14 Sexxy Purple Shad
TK15 Rainbow Trout
TK2 White/Chart
TK3 Mouse
TK4 Purple Shad
TK5 Gold Shiner
TK6 Shiny Shad
TK7 Flash
TK8 Blue Herring
TK9 Sexxy Shad
WB1 Cole Slaw
WB10 Black Chart
WB2 Hot White Chart
WB3 Spot Remover
WB4 Blue Herring
WB5 Blue Pearl Shad
WB6 Sexxxy Shad
WB7 Fire Tiger
WB8 Sunperch
WB9 Dante Clown
White Long Sleeve Tee
White Short Sleeve T Shirt


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